About Bamboo Sisters

bamboo strawsOne day, two girls seeing thousands of plastic straws on the beach decided that something had to be done NOW.

My Bamboo sister and I realized that we were so fortunate to be living on a paradise island but we felt it was time to give something back to the island itself by eliminating the plastic straws. Every day we saw straws washed up on the shore and knew there had to be a better way. As two young energetic girls we quickly got to work.

We realized that Bamboo straws were the way to go. Lucky for us Oil, my Bamboo Sister, has family in northern Thailand where an abundance of bamboo was growing naturally (no farming, no chemicals and no genetic modifications). We found our solution! Bamboo straws!

While working with her 15 member family in the north we learned a lot about manufacturing, cleaning and getting the bamboo ready for use. This small idea turned quickly into a big project as we changed not only our lives but the lives of her family very quickly. This family was living on a small monthly salary and now we are supporting them and improving their lives with Bamboo Sisters.

Your purchase goes DIRECTLY to support the family providing food, education opportunities and much more. We continue to work hard to provide the best quality straws with clear high production standards while working as a family. Our whole family thanks you for supporting Bamboo Sisters.


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Did You Know?…

  • Plastic straws contain the toxic chemical BPA.
  • They are not dishwasher safe!
  • If they get too hot the release toxic chemicals into your body when you use them.
  • Plastic breaks down VERY slowly so there is a greater chance that they will end up reaching our oceans and of course polluting our land.
  • Plastic straws are in the TOP TEN littered products list from garbage picked up on the beach.
  • The production of plastic straws is extremely harmful to the environment and uses fossil fuels.
  • A straw is normally used only 1 time for an average of 20 minutes but can take several hundreds of years to breakdown in the landfill.
  • Beach cleanup volunteers have picked up enough straws that if the lay them end to end it would span a distance of 840 miles! That’s just the ones that were cleaned up!
  • Some communities have completely banned plastic straws.
    If you love straws please consider the alternatives such as the Bamboo Sisters Sippers!
Thank You and a Happy Life To All!