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Bamboo Straws – The Eco-Friendly Straw Solution

bamboo strawsBamboo Straws

Did you know that there are natural and easily accessible replacements for the archaic plastic straws that are cluttering up our beaches and landfills? If you are looking for a new option that can make you feel better about your sipping selections the answers are out there. Bamboo straws, for example, are such a great replacement for many reasons. I have had so much fun making the change to Bamboo straws and I hope you will too.

Enjoy entertaining your friends with cool bamboo straws that are totally unique and give any cocktail that fresh Koh Lipe, Thailand like feeling no matter where you are in the world. I recommend using a bamboo straw in a fresh coconut or fruit smoothie for the double benefit of boosting your own health while taking care of our environment. Talk about a way to start the day!

Bamboo is such an awesome resource and literally grows like a weed. Well I guess that’s because it kind of is one. Well a grass actually with about 1439 different species. It is the fastest growing plant on the earth which makes it such an awesome resource to make straws out of because its quickly and easily regrown. Talk about renewable. Some Bamboo can even grow to as high as 1,300 feet in height, and 3 feet per DAY! Betcha didn’t know that!

The best part about changing to Bamboo Straws for me is the feeling of empowerment over myself and over greedy corporations. It was so nice to be able to discipline myself to make the change to bamboo straws. Almost like quitting some sort of addiction. Yay, victory for me. Secondly the corporations. You know many times I look around the world and I see people talking about how horrible different companies are in the world but they still continue to buy products from them. I understand that in the past it could be hard to break free from the old ways but luckily now there are many options out there and simply by looking, being flexible to change and taking a few small steps we can empower ourselves and people who are making a difference in the world by making new choices. I wish you all the courage in the world to start making change and I do hope you too can enjoy our Bamboo Straws.

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    1. Jackie Jeanne

      Dear Moyra,
      Thank you for contacting us and we love to hear about more people are using the Bamboo Straws. You can use them again and again 🙂 We often get asked about the cleaning process for our straws so we thought we would share some tips with you.
      If you are using the straws for personal use we recommend:
      * Simply washing the straws as you would a normal dish with soap and water.
      * For a deeper clean try boiling water and letting them soak in the boiled water for about 5 minutes.
      * When we use our straws for something like iced coffee we like to soak them in boiling water with a little bit of vinegar as well.
      * Be sure to let them DRY completely! If you are lucky to live in Thailand we get a lot of sun so put them out in the sun to dry. They will smell great and stay for a long time.
      * We also recommend using a pipe cleaner. Makes cleaning smoothie bits out a lot easier.
      If you need to store the straws:
      *be sure they are dry first
      *put them in an closed package or box
      *add a few packages of silica (I take them out of my vitamin bottles and reuse them or you can buy them online in bulk if you prefer)
      *keep the box in a dry place
      *They can be stored like this for as long as you would like
      *wash again before using

      With proper care these straws can last for years! 🙂

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