Bamboo Sustainable Straws

Bamboo Sustainable Straws

Bamboo Sustainable Straws – Why and how we do what we do

After seeing the possibility of creating a sustainable product that could actually eliminate a very unnecessary plastic option we thought long and hard about how we would like to produce it.

In line with our beliefs to be gentle upon the earth and to assist our fellow humans we came up with a plan. We started with one family of 13 people who were living on a budget of 15,000 THB per month. Even in Thailand that is not a lot of money for so many people.

Unfortunately in very rural areas of Thailand there are not a lot of other options to make an income. We worked together with them, teaching them how to make the straws and assisting them with production materials. We set clear guidelines as well regarding how they produce, harvest and clean the bamboo. We asked them to never plant new bamboo, only use what was naturally growing in their yard. By doing this we are careful not to harm the natural eco diversity in the area by spreading an invasive species of bamboo around.

When collecting the bamboo they are only to cut down as much as can grow back when they need it again. This limits their ability to produce more but we have found that they are able to make a sufficient amount of straws to more then provide for their family. This is also a very important belief to us – only take what we need and no more! We are doing our best to ensure that we and the families we work with have healthy lives that provide safe, secure and sustainable lives for our future generations.

When cleaning the bamboo straws we use Tea tree leaves that grow on trees compatibly next to the bamboo. These leaves, when boiled, provide a natural barrier against pests that would like to come eat the bamboo. Again, we ask that there is no new planting just using what mother nature provides to clean our products.

Once the first family reached their comfortable maximum production amount we then expanded to other families. We will continue to reach out to, train and help provide for as many families as we can to supply the great demand for a more healthy sustainable straw option.

Your purchases go directly to making a difference to people who may not have ever had the ability to provide great futures for their families.

We are so honoured to be participating in this beautiful circle of people and we thank you sincerely for helping us make a difference.

Simple small steps like changing to bamboo sustainable straws are the foundations we need to make great change in our world. Together we can do this, one straw at a time.

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