How We Make Our Straws – Part 2

32After 8 hours of boiling and many more hours of cutting, sanding and cleaning our straws are now ready for the next step.  All the straws are now collected and taken to our final cleaning and shipping location.  



We carefully check each straw again to see if there are any cracks or straws that are not up to our standards. 

    6  The remaining straws are then off for another trip to the boiling pot.  This second round of boiling is a little different from the first round.  We mix vinegar with the boiling water to give the straws an extra deep clean and keep them smelling fresh during their transport to their new homes.  We boil them for an additional 2 hours.  This again sorts out any weak straws. By this point there are only the strongest Bamboo Sisters Sippers survive. 

7After boiling, our sustainable sippers are placed on beautiful traditional Thai platters and dried in the sun.  We love the drying and cleaning effects of the sun and we notice that our Bamboo Sippers are much happier when they get to bathe in the sun, but then again, who isn’t? 😊  39262777_2612414668984404_1654052048116645888_n

We love our straws so much that we bring them in every night and tuck them into bed with the gentle breeze of a fan to help them sleep well and aid in the drying process. 

After a few days or deeply drying and baking in the sun our sustainable straws are now ready for their facelifts.  This is the fun part.  We get to watch them turn into small pieces of art 😊39289384_523219014780331_5599615972106305536_n(1)

We sand the outsides with sand paper then we sand the inside with a long sanding bit.  We also smooth out the tops and bottoms to make sure they are nice against the lucky lips that get to use these straws in the future. 38485166_2000955376630626_5963550068882538496_n

Once thoroughly sanded inside and out they get a quick dip in vinegar. Then back to the dry kiss of the sun for another day until they are ready for laser engraving and or packaging. 36732396_10160415223885214_6722852501009203200_n

We love personalizing our sustainable straws for you and have a lot of fun doing it. 39496794_251219105408184_3157300261098094592_n

We say goodbye to these sweet little sippers and send them off to their new homes.  We never use plastic to package our straws but we do have recycled paper available for individual packaging.39269478_720021985016542_3306148382875058176_n

We hope you enjoyed this and we thank you so much for making the decision to kick the plastic habit! 13087072_797347977062695_1872803767565087143_o

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    Hello, I am interested to purchase the Bamboo straws in bulk volume. Please kindly drop me a email on the specifications & price for your bamboo straws. Thanks.

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