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How We Make Our Straws – Part I

bb1Hello all of you Bamboo Sisters and Brothers out there. We would like to share with you today a story of how a wild bamboo stalk gets shaped, molded and loved into your beautiful bamboo straws.  We hope that if you have the time and resources you too can make bamboo straws and if not we are happy to share with you the amount of care and attention that goes into each straw.  Sit back, grab some pop corn and enjoy this riveting tale of one stalk of bamboo from the jungle to you. 

Our tale begins in the back yards of our families that we work with.  From Northern Chiang Mai jungles all the way to southern islands we have families who have found a way to make an income using their own natural resources while helping the environment.  At Bamboo Sisters we connect you with the family who can supply your order and we love being in the middle of that great connection.bb2

A simple walk in the jungle allows us to find the right size of bamboo which we then thank the ancestors for before cutting down. 

bb3Once cut down we bring them to our houses to clean, cut to size and dry. 

We cut them up into our two basic sizes, long 21CM and short 15CM. 

bb4Next stop is the boiling pot. Here we smoke and steam the straws for 8 hours with eucalyptus to ensure they are free from friends they may have made in the jungle. 

bb5We constantly watch and rotate our soon to be Bamboo sippers.

Now our bamboo gets a chance to bathe in the sun and once dry they get to go to the next step.   This step is important to look for any weak sippers that may crack and to ensure that the final length will be correct.

bb7bb8We then clean out the insides of each straw.  This is all done by hand and very carefully.  We check the holes and use a sanding tool which is a long steel rod.  This cleans out the holes, sands the insides and ensures that each hole meets our minimum hole size standard of 4mm.  

bb9At that point we have a rough cut and pest free bamboo stalk that is starting to look like a straw.  Check back with us for part 2 to see the complete transformation and as always happy sippin to all. 

Join us for part 2 to see our sanitation, quality control, preservation, shipping and more!

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