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sustainable strawThe Bamboo Sustainable Straw from Koh Lipe, Thailand

Freedom from plastic straws. The sustainable straw solution I’m a huge fan of cutting back on waste in my life but it’s not always easy to make changes. I have worked in the tourism industry for years now and I have been watching as plastic straw after plastic straw has been used for just a few moments and then thrown away.

I sadly saw where they went after that as well which was straight into our seas, onto our beaches and littering the roads. I knew there had to be a sustainable straw solution. My dear Thai friend and I worked together to make our own sustainable straw option but of course that meant that we too would have to make the change in our life. Even when we want to change something in our lives it’s not always easy.

I first had to get used to the idea of my new bamboo sustainable straw! I had to fight with my mind a little bit about the idea of how to clean it and take care of it. I knew that plastic straws were not good for me or the earth but they were so easy to use and throw away without worrying if they were cleaned or not. I persevered though and now I don’t even think about it anymore. I use my straw and when I wash my glass I wash my straw too. EASY! I just needed to get used to the process. Adjusting to the feeling of the straw on my lips was also a change.

Plastic straws tend to be uniform in size and feeling on my mouth. I know this may seem like a small thing but it just wasn’t what my mouth expected when I put the straw to my lips. I found that with regular use that too fell away and I now feel that plastic straws feel funny to drink from like weak, toxic leaching, flimsy tubes in my mouth. I also adjusted to taking my straw with me everywhere and over time I got better about remembering to ask for “No straw please”.

I kept two sustainable straws (one short and one long) in a pocket in my purse and now they easily go everywhere with me. I finally feel FREE from the plastic straws and I am so happy that I was able to find a way to make that change in my life. It may only be one thing but I know that every step on the path to a better life is an important one.

By Jackie Jeanne

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      Jackie Jeanne

      Dear Cat,
      Thank you so much for checking us out. Great news is that we are all set up to ship globally now 🙂 Please spread the word and happy sustainable sipppin! 🙂

  1. Nicky

    Love what you are doing and hope to place and order! I’ve been trying to get in touch via the form on the website but can’t. Can you email me please?

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